Graphic Design

I develop, design, and coordinate advertising materials and other business essentials. My creations and designs include signage, business cards, event flyers, vouchers, and more.


I created the following sign to be displayed in-store. The cafe interior features natural wood and exposed brick. These signs were created to perfectly compliment the cafe interior. This particular design uses cheeky Aussie humour to draw in the target audience while focusing on ‘$5 PINTS’.


Business Cards:

I created the following business card for myself to deliver my contact information with ease. I tastefully displayed my details, using a colour scheme suited to my brand.

business card 1

I designed the following business card for a London-based business that specialises in plant and flower arrangements. It is in line with the brand image as it is simple and uses natural colours.Business card 2


I designed these posters for a small bakery and cafe. They were created to be displayed in an elevator of a local hotel with the intention of capturing the attention of their guests. Subsequently, I used bright and bold fonts and emphasized special deals and offers.

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