Snowshoeing adventures on Dog Mountain

Last week, we decided to hike Dog Mountain. The Dog Mountain snowshoe trail is located on Mount Seymour. The hike itself is relatively easy and the views from the summit are spectacular.


On the way over to the North Shore, we decided to stop off and hire some snowshoes. The trail was covered in snow and it would have been difficult to hike the mountain without them. Some parts of the trail were quite difficult, even with snowshoes, as it was really icy!


When we arrived at the top of Mount Seymour, we parked at the ski resort’s parking lot for free. The trail head is situated at the most northern point of the parking lot and it was only a short walk from the car. As the trail is owned by the city of Vancouver, it is free to hike Dog Mountain.

Snapseed (26).jpg

It was extremely cold when we hiked Dog Mountain. According to the thermostat in our car, it was -9 degrees Celsius. Nevertheless, I got warmer as I hiked.


The views were beautiful as we walked through the snow-capped trees. The scenery just got better and better. Eventually, we arrived at First Lake. The sun was shining over the frozen lake which was magical. We soaked in the crisp mountain air and took in the views, before continuing our hike.

Snapseed (25)


After this, it was only another 2.5 kilometers to the summit of the mountain. However, at this point the trail began to get slighter steeper and more treacherous. In addition to this, I began to get more tired.


When we reached the lookout point we were rewarded with outstanding panoramic views of downtown Vancouver and the surrounding mountains. We sat on the rocks at the top for a while and ate some snacks before we started our descent.


The Dog Mountain snowshoeing trail is one of the best hikes I have done and I can’t wait to go again in summer to see how different it is without the snow.

Snapseed (24).jpg



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