Two Years in Canada

Two years ago today, I moved to Vancouver, Canada. Vancouver stole my heart. Situated in beautiful British Columbia, Vancouver is surrounded by mountains and the ocean. When we arrived in Canada, we were granted with a two year Working Holiday Visa. However, two years just hasn’t been enough and we’re definitely not ready to go home yet. Subsequently, we are in the process of applying for Permanent Residency.

Snapseed (22).jpg

Vancouver is one of the most amazing cities I’ve ever visited. Here are some of the things I love most about living here:

The Seasons

Being from Ireland, I’m used to a lot of rain. It rains in spring, summer, autumn and winter. Vancouver is also famous for being a rainy city and earned itself the title of ‘Raincouver’. However, it doesn’t rain half as much here as it does at home. Each season here is different. Spring brings copious amounts of cherry blossom trees. Summer brings abundant sunshine. Fall turns the city red with fallen leaves. Winter brings snow. Each season is equally beautiful.


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The Mountains

Vancouver is surrounded by various different mountains that are home to ski resorts. My favourite of which is Grouse Mountain as it transforms into a Winter Wonderland at Christmas time. Before moving to Canada, I had never tried a winter sport. Now, I’ve been skiing and snowshoeing. I can’t imagine not living close to the mountains.

Snapseed (19).jpg
Exploring BC

There are so many amazing places to explore that are close to Vancouver including, but not limited to, Whistler, Victoria and Squamish. I’ve visited lots of places in BC, but I’ve still got so much more exploring to do.

Sea to Sky Gondola – Squamish, BC
Snapseed (20)
Whistler, BC
Victoria, BC
Fisherman’s Wharf – Victoria, BC


There are so many beautiful hikes and walks to do in and surrounding the city. I drove everywhere at home so I didn’t walk much. I feel like the beautiful scenery here makes walking and hiking so much more enjoyable. As a result, I’ve became much fitter. Some of my favourite walks include the Quarry Rock hike, the trails at Lighthouse Park and, of course we can’t forget about Stanley Park’s iconic Seawall.

Coal Harbour 
Stanley Park
Lynn Canyon Park
Quarry Rock – Deep Cove, BC 
Lighthouse Park
Whytecliff Park


Living in Vancouver has given me the opportunity to try new activities that I never would have been interested in at home. Kayaking, camping and watching hockey games are a few of the things that I now enjoy doing.


Exploring Different Cities

Vancouver is a great base to explore the rest of Canada and the USA from. Seattle, Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon and Calgary (and the Calgary Stampede) are just a several of the amazing places that I’ve had the opportunity to visit since moving to Canada. There’s many more places on my list but these were definitely a great place to start.

Snapseed (6)
Pike Place Market – Seattle, WA
The Calgary Stampede – Calgary, AB
Las Vegas, NV
The Grand Canyon, AZ
Zion National Park, UT

Canadian Food and Beverages

Where would my life be without Poutine? Poutine consists of french fries topped with cheese curds and gravy. It is absolutely delicious. Canadians also drink Caesars. A Caesar is made up of vodka, tomato juice, clam juice, hot sauce, Worcestershire sauce and is served in a celery salt rimmed glass. This drink is not so delicious. However, apparently they cure hangovers. Maybe one day they will grow on me.

Caesars at the Score on Davie

The past two years have been filled with adventure and excitement. I am so grateful for all of the new experiences that I’ve encountered and all of the great friends that I’ve made. I hope that the next two years in Canada are just as amazing.




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